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Pet care

Tips on Grieving for a Lost Dog

It is difficult to lose a special dog. There are no words that can make us feel better. Only time will help, but even that does not always give us comfort. Clients often ask - "When should I get another dog?" The answer is that it is really up to you. I suggest that you get another dog when you are ready.
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Rat poison in dogs

Some dogs may require the emergency care of an animal hospital. If this happens, the vet can perform blood work and administer the anti-seizure medication and antidote atropine to counteract the hemlock.
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Vet qa parent

Soldier in Iraq has Cat Questions

Our question this week was: Doctor - This might be the wrong venue in which to ask these questions, but I have a rather unique cat issue that I was wondering if you'd help me with. I have two questions: 1. I am a soldier stationed in Iraq and I have "adopted" a local kitten (approx. 16-weeks-old).
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