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Should I get another dog?

Should I get another dog?

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We have a dog that lost his companion and seems a little lonely and lost. He is a 4-year-old male retriever and very social. He hides in the yard waiting for a dog to come and play but (and there are none as she is the only dog in a fenced in yard). He is very happy, healthy and social. Do you think it would be good to get another dog? If so – what sex or breed should I consider?

Angel M.


Hi – thanks for your email. Based on what you told me about your dog – it sounds like he is lonely. As far as another pet – from what you told me, I think that might be a good idea. It sound like he likes other dogs and is eager to play. Ultimately – you know your dog best and I'm sure will make the best decision for him.

As far as what type of dog – that is up to you. You could get the same breed by searching with local rescue groups or even a shelter as they have many purebred dogs. You could also adopt a mixed breed dog – they also make great pets.

What sex? The opposite sex works well - maybe a young female for your older male. You know what is best for your dog but from what you said – it sounds like he could like a little sister.

An article that might be helpful to you is Adopting a Dog: The Ultimate Guide to Dog Adoption. For tips on introducing a second dog in your home, please read Introducing a New Dog Into Your Household.

Best of luck!


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